Welcome to Ktieza Enterprise..
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We have not just frozen food!

Ktieza Enterprise - is a sole distributer for FROZEN FOOD in the area, namely Kampung Chendering which is located about 15 KM southern from the town city of Kuala Terengganu, about 3KM from Pelabuhan Chendering and about 1 KM from the Kawasan Perindustrian Pmint Jaya, where Nor Arfa Batik's Craft Complex is located.

If you are looking for a frozen food that can be consumed at any time of the year even during monsoon season, here is the place.

All the products here can be purchased in a small or bulk quantity at a very reasonable price.

Below are some examples of our products that you can choose from our premise!


Fish Balls (Bebola Ikan)

Chicken/Beef Burgers (Burger Daging/Ayam)


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